Is PU a good material to use for handbags
Is PU a good material to use for handbags

PU leather, also known as polyurethane or polyurethane leather, is becoming more popular. People are searching for alternative solutions and similar solutions to conventional leather because of its shortcomings in sustainability and ethics. Pu leather has been a promising alternative to real leather. This is evident from the extensive research done by the Chinese.

When compared to other types of leather, there are many differences. This is the complete overview of pu leather.

What is PU leather?

The abbreviation for polyurethane is PU leather. Polyurethane is an important ingredient in the engineering and construction industries. It is a flexible, durable and long-lasting polymere. These are used to coat roofs, floors in factories and tunnels. This artificial chemical mixture is popular because of its durability and wide range of uses.

It is now used to make leather and has been established with great success over the last couple of years. Pu leather leather is an artificial, man-made leather alternative. This definition is not complete, which can lead to confusion as there are two types of leathers that are commonly referred to by the name pu leather.

100% PU Leather

Split Leather (Leather covered with PU Leather)

This could lead to confusion. Let's now discuss the question of whether pu leather can be considered vegan.

Is PU material considered vegan?

Because it is basically a mixture of artificial chemicals, PU leather can be 100% vegan in its true form.

The problem is that people often use the term "pu leather" loosely, and refer to split leather as such. Split leather uses leftovers from conventional leather production and coats them with polyurethane. It is a mixture of real and pu leather. However, people call it pu leather.

It is important to check the label to see if the product is entirely made from pu leather, or if it has a coating. This is a significant ethical decision for those who want to avoid animal products and don't want to contribute to the suffering or death of animals by leather production.

Polyurethane leather

Quality and Durability

Polyurethane is a durable coating that has been used for industrial and heavy duty applications. Polyurethane is very durable and does not crack easily. It is far more durable than faux leather alternatives and has a better quality overall. It is durable and long-lasting, which is exactly what it was originally designed for.

It is not as flexible as cow leather, but it has the same flexibility and stretch as cow leather. The older an animal leather gets, the softer and more flexible it becomes. The flexibility and softness of pu leather are usually maintained.

Manufacturing Process

Pu leather is made from a variety of chemicals and petroleum. This is how the entire process can be broken down into four simple steps.

1) Start with the base fabric

2) Polyurethane coating

3) Color it with an additional layer of color

4) Finish texture is added

Sustainability and Ethics

Pu leather is more sustainable than animal leather. Pu leather is more sustainable than animal leather because it uses less resources and is therefore more environmentally friendly. It is less sustainable than plant-based leather alternatives, but it is still much more sustainable than traditional leather. This is especially true for 100% genuine pu leather. It is still full of petroleum and chemicals, making it less eco-friendly. It does not decay when it is thrown out in the natural environment. Cork, grape, or pineapple leather are better vegan leather options when it comes sustainability.

It is clearly better than animal skin leather when it comes to ethics. It is made entirely from man and therefore does not require any animals to be used in its manufacturing. It is also vegan. Split leather is sometimes called pu leather, but it's not vegan. This is because it still contains some genuine leather.

How to tell the differences

Most leather products include a label explaining the type of leather and materials used. There are many factors that can distinguish between the two types of leather. This is evident by simply looking at the items. These are the main indicators that tell the difference between genuine and pu leather.

The Smell

The smell of a brand-new leather will tell you if it is new. Genuine leather has a unique, leathery scent. Pu leather has a synthetic smell that is very similar to plastic. You can smell the difference by just sniffing it.


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