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Popular Fabrics for Backpacks. Manufacturers want durable fabrics that are also practical and strong, which will appeal to retailers. What about style?   Cotton was the preferred fabric for backpacks in years past. Early backpacks had one flaw: they were heavy due to the canvas, and had a tendency of rotting when stored. The cotton canvas could not withstand any abrasion, despite its excellent waterproofing. Cotton canvas is often used today in handbags, bags, and backpacks for children or women. It is not usually coated with wax.   Waterproof backpacks are crucial today. These nylon packs can be coated with PVC or polyurethane or treated with silicone. The backpack is stronger and more water-resistant because of the treatment. The waterproof backpack protects the contents on wet days or surfaces. However, the treated fabric does not allow the material to breathe. This can lead to mildew in the items within the backpack.   PVC Fabric can be used to make workwear. PVC Fabric can be used to make backpacks waterproof and color-rich. It is durable. PacCana offers many colors and varieties of PVC fabric that can be used in backpacks and other products. It can have many useful properties depending on which type. It can be waterproof and flame-resistant, tear-resistant, blackout, and fluorescent.
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