What is a Quality Handbag?
What is a Quality Handbag?

Many of us wonder if designer handbags are worth the cost when there are cheaper options.

High-quality construction is what designer bags and many of the mid-range priced bags promise. You have better odds of using a well-made bag for a longer time and it will be worth the money. How can you tell if a bag is a good quality one? These simple signs will let you know if a bag worth its price.


Checking out the hardware is one of the best ways to tell if a bag's quality is. Are the zippers made of metal, nylon coil or plastic? Most commonly, nylon coil-toothed zippers are used in handbags. Designers use more durable and expensive materials such as metal teeth to distinguish them. Take a look at the overall metal details of your bag. Is the logo of the company engraved on the metal? Can you see the metal is not very sturdy? These are all important things to consider when buying a bag.


Is the bag real leather? The bag's smell will be your best indicator. You shouldn't sniff every bag that you see. Manufacturers can sometimes make artificial leather fragrances. However, this is one way to immediately determine if the bag is worth further inspection. Check the materials tag to confirm the bag is leather.


Make sure to check if your handbag has metal feet. As many designer handbags don't have these, this is not an indicator of a good quality bag. The feet are something you should look for in handbags. They provide the bag with something to hold onto, and will also protect the bag's bottom. Protecting the bottom of your bag will allow you to keep it for longer.


Take a look at the stitching in the handbag. Is it fraying? Is it even stitched? This is a good way to distinguish a real designer bag from a fake and to see if the bag has been well-constructed.


If the bag is cheaper, it's easy to tell that there isn't enough quality in its inner lining. If the lining feels cheap, it most likely is. Cheaper linings will often come loose from bags or develop holes. This can make it uncomfortable or impossible for you to use. You should inspect the inside of your bag to determine if it was made as functional and beautiful as the outside.


If something goes wrong, some handbags actually come with a warranty. You can send your bag back for repair if the strap or zipper breaks. Bags with a warranty are a sign that the company is confident enough in the quality and reliability of their products to pay the extra expense. You are better off buying a bag with a manufacturer warranty. That way, you will know that the bag is safe for long periods of time.


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