What makes a handbag a quality bag?
What makes a handbag a quality bag?

Many people wonder "Is it worth paying more for designer handbags?" when they can buy cheap ones all around.

But designer bags, and many mid-tier bags as well, offer a high-quality design that is impossible to find in cheaper bags. A well-made handbag will last longer and be more valuable. How do you identify a high-quality handbag? These are the easiest ways to tell if a bag will be worth your money.


You can easily tell if a bag has quality hardware by inspecting it. Are the zippers metal, nylon coil, or plastic? Nylon coil teeth are the most common type of zipper used in handbags. Therefore, it is easy to tell when designers use more durable and costly materials like metal teeth. Pay attention to the metal details in the bag. Is your company logo engraved in metal? Can you tell the metal doesn't seem very durable? These are all excellent things to look at when purchasing a bag.


Is it genuine leather? You can tell the difference by its smell. While you should not go sniffing every bag you come across, manufacturers sometimes use artificial leather scents to fool you. But it is one way you can tell if a bag worth further inspection. You can then check for additional information or the materials tag to make sure that the bag really is leather.


Look for little metal feet in the bottom of your handbag. It is not the only way to ensure a quality handbag. To be able to give your bag something to rest on, feet are a great option. If you can protect the bottom of the bag, it will last longer.


Pay attention to the stitching of this handbag. Is the handbag fraying? Is it still tacky? This is an excellent way of identifying a genuine designer bag and if it is well-constructed.


The inner lining of cheaper bags can be easily identified as a lackluster quality. If it feels cheap, it is probably low quality. It is possible for cheaper lining to come off the bag, or create holes that make it unusable or difficult to use. Make sure you look inside the bag to verify that the manufacturer has taken the same care to make it look as great and as functional as its exterior.


Some handbags include a warranty for damage. The warranty covers damage to the strap, zipper or other parts. If the warranty is on a bag, it means the company is confident enough about the quality of the product to charge an additional cost. To ensure that your bag will last a lifetime, it is wise to get a warranty from the manufacturer.

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